Friday, August 26, 2016

August 27th

Rainy Day Prayers
St. Moritz, Switzerland

August 27th, 2016

Look Down, O Mother Mary.

Look down, O Mother Mary,
From thy bright throne above,
Cast down upon thy children
One only glance of love;
And if a heart so tender
With pity flows not o'er,
Then turn away, O Mother,
And look on us no more.

See how, ungrateful sinners,
We stand before thy Son;
His loving heart upbraids us
The evil we have done.
But if thou wilt appease him,
Speak for us but one word;
Thou only canst obtain us
The pardon of our Lord.

O Mary, dearest Mother, 
If thou wouldst have us live,
Say that we are thy children,
And Jesus will forgive.
Our sins make us unworthy
That title still to bear;
But thou art still a Mother,-
Then show a Mother's care.

Unfold to us thy mantle; 
There stay we without fear;
What evil can befall us
If, Mother, thou art near?
Oh, kindest dearest Mother,
Thy sinful children save!
Look down on us with pity,
Who thy protection crave.

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